08 junho 2005

Iron Maiden in Portugal

16-06-2005 - Iron Maiden in Portugal
This date will be in my mind for the next week, why?
Because it will be the best concert of all time!
No, because it is my first IRON MAIDEN LIVE CONCERT. And i want to have a great Baptism, like it was to "Prophet of Disaster", or to "Trooper", I want to be back without voice, without strenght, Happy to be next to one of the best Metal Bands in the World.
And for YOU? What is the meaning of this concert to your life?
Please answer in English, if you want to speak about it in Portuguese, there are other Posts in this Blog.


Blogger Nihilus said...

Dear guy who takes under, please change the "live" to "life", and "outher" to "other". Also the "i" that goes for the first person is always in capital letter, okay? Don't take me wrongly, it's only for the improvement of this metal blog and your own post.

P.S.:You're welcome.

11:08 da tarde  
Blogger ramalho1979 said...

This is only a example in English...But i think its important not only to see the errors, but to say something about the question i made?! Don't you agree?

11:56 da tarde  
Blogger Ann said...

Hi there Just to say that its very cool for you guys to post in english. I love metal and although I live in portugal for some years now I still feel thats its more easy for me to read in english! Thank you for thinking on me and others like me!!
Up the Irons!!

2:25 da manhã  
Anonymous margaret said...

well, that's a good idea, indeed... but, please, find some other guy to write the "english posts", find someone who doesn't write like a ten year old boy... you know, vocabulary and grammar are really important! or else, this contributor will be kilin' and takin' under a language talked by milions arround the globe!

2:41 da tarde  
Blogger ramalho1979 said...

I am Portuguese...Not English, but i want to meet this 10 Years old Boy who writes like me...
So who wants to write new posts in English? For me was the last time!
Thank you Ann, for your words, you were the only one to understand, that this was only a example, (I KNOW THAT MY ENGLISH IS NOT PERFECT) now its time to people who CAN write English to start new English posts...
What is funny, is that when i go to English Blogs, there are Posts that really appears to be written by 10 years old Boys...

4:17 da tarde  
Anonymous Churchill said...

i declare war to Portugal, we'll fight on the beachs, and etc...you know the rest of it!!!!

6:03 da tarde  
Anonymous Disgraça di pobri said...

oxente!! ai am a veri guuudi spiker of ingreix, apesate de pobreixion ui ver mani mani mani mani muvis de ingreix ande iu aprendate veri veri kuikly. Diar mister debaixo do Taker, ai tink iu chude continuate tu whrite in ingreix, ai apoieiti 10 iere old boi in blogs, so mi apoeiti iu, kip up da gud uork. But ( not but di cuzeixion! iu ar ale depravated!!) next taime usate da grameixion. gudibai

2:24 da tarde  
Blogger trooper said...

jovem andas a fumar brocas a mais,pà!!! larga a droga, isso ñ te leva a lado nenhum

10:21 da manhã  
Anonymous leTHal said...

The conert was AMAZING \m/

3:20 da manhã  

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